october update?!

7 Nov

dear everyone,

i 100% have been sucked into my own life the past month and have dropped the ball on bringing intellectual/thought provoking matter to this blog site. that doesn’t mean i haven’t been brainstorming content. here are a few of my most recent ideas i will hopefully post about someday soon:

  1. analyzing the reasons why (dr.) ben carson is gaining so much traction among the uneducated/over religious in this country (barf)
  2. listing all of my favorite shows right now (broad city, reign, and super girl (????)), their feminist content, and applying the bechdel test to them.
  3. how vw is letting me down (i am now an environment killer by owning a 2010 TDI jetta) and my hopes for a free car.
  4. another post on the proliferation of confederate flags because i still (and will always be) am filled with rage when i see one

BUT since i’ve been out of the loop, i’ll do a quick update and post on one of the above topics soon!


my sigdet and i participated in a kickball tournament to raise money for a little girl named jenna who is battling leukemia in the community! it was fun, and felt good to hang with my soldiers and also support a good cause.


we finally decided on some prints to order from our beautiful wedding photos! those frames have become christopher’s next project – creating for us a gallery wall on our big open bedroom wall. i’ll post pictures whenever we deem it “finished” lol


baby nicholas moved to clarksville and mom, dad, and jupe stayed in town for a weekend to help him move in and get settled! best news ever having him here constantly!


it suddenly became fall! it is crisp and beautiful out now. here is a photo i took on an early morning ruck march. the fog in the valley was too beautiful to pass up.


also notable this month, christopher had to shave for his big trip to west point (to teach and inform other doctors on heterotrophic ossification – smart guy!) so of course he took the step by step approach and rocked a mustache for a little lol

IMG_2947 IMG_2961

and then nick, chris and i went to a pumpkin patch one weekend, they had a corn maze which was fun – and also chris and i tried to prank everyone into thinking we were pregnant with a weird pumpkin holding photo, but no one took the bait lol


we went to this great house party where there was a drinking game based on battleship. nick and chris were the victors of their match!


halloween!!!!! i dressed up as rey from the new star wars trailer, chris was obi-wan kenobi, and nick was hans solo.

IMG_3119 IMG_3124

um, and the biggest part of my month was a three week course to learn how to be a jump master! the days were super long and hard, the course was much more difficult than i intended, i wrecked my hands learning how to JMPI, but in the end, i made a lot of great friends and am now qualified to inspect/lead my soldiers out of air planes! ALSO, in a course that started with 65 people, i was the only woman! helllz yeah.

needless to say, it’s been a busy month, but another great month! time is flying and life is good!

i will make time to write something of consequence soon, i promise!


also: a great quote i came across –

“my past is littered with the bones of men who were foolish enough to think i was someone they could sleep on.”
-michele roberts


One Response to “october update?!”

  1. Kimberly Cale November 8, 2015 at 5:55 am #

    Wow, that is one loaded October! So excited and very proud of you. Thank you for bringing a smile to my face. I love you!

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