“new year, new me”

6 Jan

dear readers,

i am here with a full report of 2016: so far, so good. the beloved and i spent the first weekend of this brand new year watching lots of cartoons (the legend of korra), drinking bubble water, and eating leftover christmas candy. riveting, i know.

around this time of year, yearly, we get to hear/see/experience everyone’s new year’s resolutions. 2015 was the first year i actually picked a realistic/helpful resolution. normally i have these broad, undefined goals like “be nicer to everyone” or “practice patience” and although those are definitely good thoughts, this past year i decided i would floss once a day, and use fluoride mouthwash. i know this is very basic oral hygiene, but i once thought it didn’t make a difference, it just made dentist visits very painful. but then i had my wake up call at the beginning of 2015 with two between-the-teeth cavities which were caused by not flossing the crevices between my teeth. i was ashamed because i consider myself a good brusher and love my teeth (two sets of braces made me very invested in them), so i vowed to make a change! and thus, the first new years resolution i’ve ever had that i’ve completed with gusto. i now love flossing and knowing i’m doing something good for my body. (also, if you were once like me, use my mistake as an example and start flossing regularly)

so, for 2016 i kept with an attainable and measurable goal for my resolution. this year, i want to properly celebrate the birthdays of those close to me. instead of just an email or instagram shout out, i want to do something special for them to really celebrate their birth into this world and into my life. as i get older, the circle of those who i feel close to becomes smaller but also stronger, and i want to honor those people! this also means i get to go shopping for others, which i also love.

additionally, while with a group of friends in downtown nashville on new years eve (actually, we were on broadway waiting for the countdown, so we were intimately close to each other and thousands of other people) i was asked what my word of the year was. it was described to me as a kind of mantra to live my year by. i quickly decided my word of 2016 was going to be power. in the past few years of my life i’ve settled on being strong in my beliefs, stong in my body/fitness level, and a strong leader for those i serve. it follows for me to continue that trend into 2016. i am powerful and i am strong.

(also, i really need a haircut. maybe i could cut it all off and try to emulate emma watson’s new hair-do.


gosh i’m obsessed with her. she just tweeted she’s starting a feminist book club. sounds like my cup of tea!)



(edit: so after posting this i realized i had posted under the tag “new year’s resolution” before. apparently my tooth-flossing thing wasn’t glamorous enough for my blog, so my actual resolution was to take the GRE – which i also did! double resolution crushing!!)


One Response to ““new year, new me””

  1. Kimberly Cale January 6, 2016 at 5:46 pm #

    Happy 2016! May our year be filled with lots of sweet and very little sour! <3 I love you!

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