whole 30 round 2 day 1

16 Feb

dear readers,

trust me when i say i’ve meant to write all sorts of deep and thrilling things. i’ve half composed a great post about feminism and it’s implications on bernie/hillary and the words spoken by some of my idols, madeleine albright and gloria steinem. it was a great post, but lately i’ve been spending most of my idle time studying for the GRE psychology subject exam.

however, today my beloved and i have started the whole 30 diet! i completed it once last year, but it’s time to make some room in my life to focus on being healthy and get back into a good rhythm that i haven’t been able to get back to following the holidays.

i want to keep myself accountable through a few posts on my 30 day journey to health and good habits (and hopefully some weight loss).

for christopher and i, it’s easy to keep dinner healthy since we are there to keep each other accountable. but breakfast and lunches we spend apart. to keep us on the good path and full of filling, nourishing food, i did some serious meal prep yesterday.

here were my recipes i cooked up:

lil egg muffins for breakfasts on the go! we each had a couple for breakfast this morning, and after a quick 30 seconds in the microwave they were heavenly! i added some pico de gallo and spinach and two extra egg yolks i had sitting in the refrigerator to the recipe and it was great! quite a way to empty the refrigerator and make a yummy breakfast.

for christopher’s lunches i made a batch of this super flavorful chicken tinga ! i added the whole tin of chile adobo because christopher loves spicy things. i also ran a cauliflower head through my food processor to serve the chicken over the cauli rice for some more vegetables. (that paragraph made me sound like quite a housewife lol don’t worry, i have a job) he needed a bigger lunch due to lots of time on his feet and shifts at the hospital.

i love a soup for lunch, so i made my fave recipe from last whole 30 – a tomato basil soup with ground beef (my recipe is a lil different from this one, but this one was the first one i found on google lol). and today i remembered how delicious it was, as i had it again!

also for breakfast i kept along with my vitamix love with some green smoothies. i know actual whole 30 referees would say “stop drinking all that sugar!!!” but to me, it’s yummy and not eating ice cream is a success for me.

for dinner we’re modifying our blue apron deliveries/picking the most compliant meals. and for the other evenings of the week some classic zucchini noodles and chicken sausage and also some taco salad! whoop!

we can do it! also, i weighed in at 150 tonight, so i’m hoping to drop 5 pounds on this journey. we will see though! i’ll just be happy to feel better and a little less gross.

(pro tip: yesterday night chris and i went through the house and threw out all of our delicious baked goods and candy and chips, so now even if we want a snack, we have no choice but to eat a healthy thing lol)

wish us luck!!





5 Responses to “whole 30 round 2 day 1”

  1. Kimberly Cale February 17, 2016 at 6:02 am #

    Go Whole 30! Wishing you much success and much health! I love you!

  2. Jack February 17, 2016 at 7:05 am #

    Hello! I always am eager to read your latest post and have a front row seat on your and Chris’s journey as two of our nation’s brightest and best! Today’s post mentioned something we have considered using, Blue Apron. When you have a moment could you give your impression, meal choices and if you will continue the service.
    Thanks, and I look forward to your response! Jack Powell

    • Anastasia Kristina February 17, 2016 at 9:29 am #

      jack!!! it’s so good to hear from you! your kind words always bring a smile to my face!

      SO – blue apron. chris and I have been huge believers since our first week of food back in September? it was towards the beginning of us living together. basically, for $59 a week, they deliver to your doorstep a cardboard box full of fruits, vegetables, meat, accessories and giant ice packs. also included in the box are three recipe cards that the delivered food is already portion sized for two people to eat each of those three recipes. (that comes out to less than $10 a meal per person) I love it because I was feeling overwhelmed having to plan meals and pick recipes for every day of the week – blue apron hasn’t repeated a meal yet and is so convenient for us. when you sign up for the program (you can cancel at any time/skip weeks if you’re going out of town – the charge is per week), you can input any dietary restrictions like allergies or if you’re a vegetarian or if you are trying not to eat red meat and it was tailor your diet. but all that aside, they offer 6 different recipes a week and you can go into their website/app and choose which of the 6 you want shipped to you (sometimes the vegetarian options just seem more to my liking haha). but that being said, we haven’t been delivered anything we’ve disliked yet. of all of the weeks we’ve been using it, I think only one or two items have been damaged (I think an egg was cracked once).

      in conclusion: we will be using their service as long as it fits our lifestyle! which will be for quite a while. (I REALLY love how the things are sent in the correct measurements which keeps half used boxes of pasta or cans of beans laying around)

      as for meal choices they are super varied and inspired by seasonal ingredients/guest chefs. but this week we are being delivered: Center-Cut Pork Chops with Warm Beet, Carrot & Walnut Salad, Chicken Schnitzel with Fingerling Potato Salad & Lingonberry Jam, and Seared Cod & Udon Noodles with Cabbage & Shiitake Mushroom Broth. as you can see i’ll need to sub/change the full recipe to make it compliant with our diet, but my love for blue apron is so giant I didn’t want to skip all of our diet weeks lol.

      I hope this helps!
      love, annie

  3. kittyball February 17, 2016 at 10:29 pm #

    anniecakes! u are my health inspo!!!! i can’t wait for all the vitamix recipes n also do you want your book back!?!?!?

    • Anastasia Kristina February 18, 2016 at 12:54 pm #

      well this time you’re my health inspo!!!! lol I don’t need the book back :) i’m more of an internet recipe finder! but thanks <3

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