a sweet thing

18 Feb

hello everyone!

it’s the end of day three of my second whole 30. so, that’s 1/10 of the way done!! which is something. i think the only hard part will be the weekends really – but we will make it! christopher’s mommy sent us a whole foods gift card so i think we might go build some beautiful salads at their salad bar.

anyway. a quick sweet thing and little peek into my marriage:
so sometimes, when i’m not rushed for time and am aiming on the best shower experience possible, i sing in the shower. i’ll pick an album i know well and just sing through the whole thing – it’s quite a treat. anyway, so last night i was singing the phantom of the opera at the top of my lungs, i went to go see what christopher was painting. and you know the first thing he said? how much he loved my singing voice. and he wasn’t being facetious. <3

second, i just saw an amazing commercial:

when i saw it, i automatically assumed this was a lovely little social commentary commercial about what makes the world so beautiful is all of the diverse people living together in harmony (which i wish more people believed). but then when i looked up the link to this commercial i saw that it was a diss on the iPhone? unclear. but i will stick with my original theory!

anyway, i’m ready for bed.




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