diet update 

29 Feb

hello readers!

i meant to update everyone more about this dang diet, but alas, life is busy. it is currently day 14 of the 30 day diet, so we’re nearly halfway there!

turns out those egg cups i posted about at the fruition of this diet are great and we still haven’t tired of them, even going into the third week of the diet. i was worried they’d be weird to heat up in the microwave or they’d fall apart – neither is true and they are delicious and highly customizable. and the bonus is that they are made in the oven! so when it comes to meal-prepping on sunday, i can utilize the slow cooker, the stove, and the oven all at once. the kitchen does become a mess though lol.

anyway, here are the things i mass produced for week two besides the eggs:
1) tuna salad over a spring green mix (i used this amazing whole30 approved mayo from a brand who makes loads of whole30 approved (i.e. no added sugar, all natural, etc) dressings as well called tessemae’s) for me
2) a slow cooker spicy beef dish w/ broccoli and cauliflower rice for Christopher

(we’ve done a good job editing our blue apron meals. for instance, zoodles instead of actual spaghetti!)

and then for this week (again i cooked up the egg muffins):
1) my fave chicken salad (mom’s recipe) with grapes and celery and onions and another fancy mayonnaise i found on which is made with avocado oil (yes, i am a salad lover lol) !
2) a giant batch of Bolognese which we had for dinner last night and will serve as lunch (over zoodles) for Christopher this week. it was a fun one because i started it in the slow cooker at 9 am and let it cook on low all day long. it is delicious (highly recommend).

the diet was easier to manage this weekend although we spent most of it out in Nashville. lots of restaurants have menu items that are delicious and wouldn’t have normally tried if it weren’t for this diet (i have the “i can make a salad at home” mentality). for instance, at taco mamacita, i had this amazing chicken tortilla soup (i didn’t add the tortilla strips) that came deconstructed. think, delicious broth in a little gravy boat thing, and then fresh chicken, tomato, cilantro etc sitting in a bowl. i’ll definitely get that again, even after the diet.

i wish i could weigh myself (one of the tenants of the diet is no checking the scale), because i feel way less bloated and i feel light and happy and full of energy! i even have resisted temptation of office donuts and peanut m&m’s! target is the worst though with all of the easter candy staring me in the face haha.

here are some photos from the past couple of weeks:

 above: a typical lunch for me! i know whole30 says “try to limit fruits” but i have a hard time with that. especially when they had beautiful plums at Costco!

above: the mayhem my Bolognese created.
 above: chia seed pudding (basically chia seeds and almond milk and spices) with fresh strawberries! (thank Costco for that too haha) for breakfast! (most of my breakfast and lunch photos are at work – i eat both meals at my desk due to early mornings)

above: mayonnaise – a part of every healthy person’s diet (???)

 above: a whole30 blue apron approved meal! all by itself! pork over arugula and beets and nuts.

anyway, so far so good!



2 Responses to “diet update ”

  1. Kimberly Cale February 29, 2016 at 2:56 pm #

    You are an inspiration! Such deliciousness and beautiful photos. Keep up the great work and I love you!

  2. kit February 29, 2016 at 6:39 pm #

    ur a whole thirty inspiration!!!

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