a few anecdotes

9 Mar

hello everyone!
i am excited to say that there is only a week left on my diet! it’s much easier now that i’m on the tail end. i’ve gotten good at resisting random temptations and haven’t had any killer cravings. actually, i had my first intense craving yesterday before lunch. i wanted a big bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese with ketchup on top. basically hits all of the food groups i can’t eat haha – pasta, cheese, and sugar. but then i ate my lunch and the craving dissipated.

anyway, i wanted to share a few little anecdotes from last week:
1) so last week i pulled jumpmaster duties for the first time (for those that don’t know what that is: as part of my job, i jump out of airplanes. well, i’ve passed the course where i can inspect parachutists before they jump (JMPI) and also make sure everything is safe in the airplane, inspect the airplane, and actually run and orchestrate the jumps and drop zone, etc). i walked up to a group of people who had just donned their parachutes and yelled out, “does anyone need to be JMPI-ed?” a small soldier, a private actually, tentatively raised his hand. i looked beside him where his NCO was standing who quietly said, “he’s a cherry” (army term for “it’s his first jump at the unit”) so, i walked up to him and told him a little bit about how we jump here (off of the tailgate instead of out of the airplane’s side door) and asked him how he was feeling. he said fine, and i started to inspect his parachute and harness. i noticed he was watching my hand motions very closey (which isn’t common among experienced jumpers) and i said to him, “i’m going to explain to you why i’m doing what i’m doing and why it’s important” because he seemed nervous and unsure of all of the tugging and swiping i was doing on his equipment. it took a little longer than a usual JMPI, but when i walked away, i heard him saying to his buddy, “i’ve never had a nicer JMPI experience” and it made me feel so proud!

2) i voted on super tuesday!! i’ve never voted in a primary at all, and the last time i voted was for president Obama the first time around. and this election season was really the first time i’ve ever followed any of it. i wasn’t even planning on being so invested, until ages ago when my brother sent me some quiz you can take to see which candidate you align most with. i was assuming i’d align most with hillary, but i matched like 95% with bernie. i had never heard of him. but once i started researching his platforms on different areas (this was back when he only had four listed on his website and he was polling in the single digits), i knew he was my man. my brother got me a bernie shirt, and i ordered two stickers for my car. he values the things i value: the environment, women’s autonomy over their body and decisions, equality, caring for everyone in the country not only the ones with money, getting money out of politics, and generally being a stellar human being. so this is all fine and good, but imagine my day to day life being in the army and living in a very country town – it’s an uphill battle ALL THE TIME. but, this is a very easy exchange to win at work:
person: “ma’am, i saw the bernie stickers on your car…”
me: “that’s right!”
person: “but didn’t you graduate from west point?”
me: “uh, yeah??”
person: “how could you want a ‘socialist’ to be president?”
me: “well, i’d much rather have that then a racist, bigot, sexist, or racist!”
(then i walk away, since there isn’t much to say to that. also, everyone assumes everyone in the army/from west point is super conservative – which discounts the like 5% of us who aren’t)

ANYWAY, so i was so excited to go vote in my tiny town of pleasant view’s city hall (which really is just a super sized trailer home). i went on my way to work, right after it opened at 0700 in my uniform. i was surprised to see the number of cars there! i had to park in the grass (it’s in the country, remember)! i also had to drive around and dodge trump yard signs, like 10 of them (in hindsight, i wish i had taken them down).  i excitedly walked into the city hall where there was a line (!!!!!) and there were also young people (!!!!!!!), in fact, the guy in front of me in line checked the “democrat” block on his sign in sheet (!!!!!!! yes i realize that is nosy and bad). when i signed in, the kind older woman at the desk saw my uniform and first thanked me for my service (i still don’t know how to respond to that, especially because i don’t feel like i’ve really done anything worth thanking) and then she went to say “i wanted to be in the army when i was younger, but it was harder back then…” and i told her that the women of today have her back. i’m unsure if she was surprised when i checked “democrat” but i also like to break down stereotypes, so i’m glad of it. anyway, the voting machines were super old, i voted for bernie* and i got two “i voted” stickers which was a highlight for me haha. unfortunately, Hillary won for democrats in Tennessee, but unlike everyone who didn’t vote and is whining, i at least did my part.

3) last anecdote: i was driving home last week and was stuck in some strange traffic in oak grove. a man drove around to pass me, after he had been stuck behind me for a little bit. it was an older gentleman, and as he drove around he stuck his thumb out his window giving me a thumbs up! i’m going to assume he liked my bernie stickers in this staunchly republican area.

that’s about all i have to say for now.
i hope everyone is having a great day!


*me voting for bernie sanders does not represent the views of the united states army, only my personal views (this is apparently something required by army law to include… don’t want to get in trouble lol)


One Response to “a few anecdotes”

  1. Kimberly Cale March 9, 2016 at 2:13 pm #

    I love these! Little wins always bring joy to my heart! I love you and can’t wait to see you soon!

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