another month of forgetting to write

29 Apr

hello everyone!

so, as the title suggests, another full month has passed without me writing. for that, i apologize!

things that have happened since march 9 include:

  1. the diet ended! i ended up losing like 8 pounds and felt great. since then, i would like to say i have a healthier diet and outlook on food, but that hasn’t stopped me from allowing pasta and chocolate and pizza back into my diet. (but i do highly recommend the whole30 thing if you want to kick start your health!)
  2. the 2016 cadaver ball! (vanderbilt medical school’s annual ball) it was super fun, christopher and i looked great, and the school even arragnged a snap chat filter for the night. awesome. additionally, it was held at our wedding reception venue, so it was neat to go back there :)
  3. i went to visit tampa and my mommy one last time before she moved up north with my daddy. we went to harry potter world and even rode the hogwarts express (and i had a butterbeer and got the souvenir mug lol)! it was lovely, but i’m happy they’re living in a more temperate climate now.
  4. christopher and i got really into the nashville predators. we went and saw one of their first round playoff games, went to a wine tasting “on the ice”, and currently hold tickets for a second round playoff game at the bridgestone! super fans!
  5. i volunteered with “the mission continues” – a great volunteer organization that allows veterans to continue serving in their community. most recently our platoon revamped and did some cosmetic work on a veteran group home that is part of the nashville operation stand down organization.
  6. kitty (my pff) came to visit for two weeks! well really, she enrolled in an army course on the post that i work at, so i of course managed to get into the same course as well so we could do everything together for two weeks. it was the best, and she is the best.
  7. i took my gre psychology exam… i have to wait six weeks for the scores, and i hope i scored in the point range that i was aiming for. but, it is a big relief to be done studying haha.
  8. christopher’s parents came to visit for a weekend! they are so generous and fun to be around and i was glad we could host them and show them what christopher and i’s relationship and home is actually like.
  9. this one is monumental: i just had my annual dental check up and didn’t have to schedule any fillings!!! the commended my mouth! this year of flossing and mouth washing has paid off. i felt so proud to walk out and not have to make follow up appointments. SUCCESS!

and now you are caught up! i will write something substantive soon.



One Response to “another month of forgetting to write”

  1. Kimberly Cale April 30, 2016 at 6:12 am #

    What a wonderful month and so much to look forward to in the next! So proud of the work you do each and every day. I love you and can’t wait to see you next week!

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