peaceful meadow farm // the new cale estate

11 Jun


a couple of weekends ago, i visited my parents at their new home for the very first time! they bought a home and 20+ acres out near staunton, virginia. we arrived at like 3 in the morning, so we weren’t able to see the beauty that is the appalachian mountains in western virginia. but, goodness, when we woke up and started walking around the property in our pajamas, i was in awe.


on the property there are four buildings: the home, a summer-home (which half of it’s walls are screen), a garage/workshop, and this little building called a “cold storage” building where my parents are currently storing wine lol. also – the property is called “peaceful meadow farm.”


here is the house! (and you can see the cold storage building on the left and back behind the cold storage building is the garage) it is beautiful and was handmade by the previous owner.


here is a photo i took of the house from one of the few places where i could get AT&T service haha. going to the house forces you to disconnect because you can’t get service and the satellite internet is expensive lol (my parents promptly switched to verizon when they moved out there)


the opposite side of the house where the fountain and porch area is!


if you walk up the hill on the land behind the house you’ll see a cow pasture!


this is just a photo of some eggs before mom made us breakfast lol


the living room is the most beautiful room of the house (in my opinion). the builder hand laid the wooden floors and built these stone walls and all of the light fixtures and doors are repurposed and it is the most unique, beautiful house i’ve seen. (also my ma <3)


riding in my mom’s convertible from one of the nearby vineyards!


our second night visiting we had a happy hour on the top corner of the property. you can see the garage down below, and to the right all of that land is my parent’s. it is farmed by a local farmer! they just harvested alfalfa.


and here is a photo of christopher being a cutie.

anyway, it’s beautiful and i cannot wait to go back!



4 Responses to “peaceful meadow farm // the new cale estate”

  1. Kimberly Cale June 12, 2016 at 6:03 am #

    A moment I will always remember, seeing you and Nick exploring the property when I returned with Jupiler, after our morning walk! Such joy. Your dad and I are amazed, every day, of the beauty of this area and are so thankful to be here. And we loved having you here. Can’t wait to have you back! I love you!

  2. Emma October 2, 2016 at 4:42 pm #

    Wow! The house is like something off a postcard, it could be the perfect advert for living in Virginia! Just beautiful, very envious! 😊

  3. Dom J October 11, 2016 at 1:38 am #

    That’s not far but not close to me. Haha. Looks lovely.

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