one year of marriage

27 Jun

one year ago today, christopher and i had our wedding and were married in nashville, tennessee! it was a magical week of festivities featuring our friends and family from all over the world. but, guess what else has been magical? being married to your best friend, of course.

i’ve immensely enjoyed this past year. i marvel at how easily he will fall asleep anywhere/on anything, i like getting to hear whatever he’s listening to while he showers (ranges from death metal to podcasts on world war II), i like his insistence of making me eggs in a basket for breakfast, his willingness to listen to my newest “platform” and help me hone my argument for a different audience, and our joint adoration of singing very loudly to songs we know by heart. i love him, and going home to him after a long day is an absolute pick me up (or him coming home to me – whoever gets back from work/med school first lol).

i spend a lot of time not weirdly bragging about our relationship, because it is so special and i want to share my joy with others – a testament that true love and effortless relationships exist, because i keep thinking “maybe this is just a honeymoon phase?” and i don’t want to have to take my words back as we age and face bigger challenges.

but this weekend, on our little celebratory weekend in san antonio, we discussed us. our relationship. and he said he thinks that many relationship problems come from power struggles and an inability to communicate with respect. when i’m upset, i tell him. i don’t wait around for him to guess what is going on with me. when i disagree with him, i tell him. we treat each other with love and respect. he values me and i value him. we’re a team! now that i’ve been married a whole year i feel like i’m able to give advice – and if there is any advice, this is it: treat each other as equals.




3 Responses to “one year of marriage”

  1. Jack Powell and Shawn Reppert June 28, 2016 at 5:13 am #

    Best Wishes Annie and Chris for surviving the first year! In my opinion, you have let your brains and your heart discover what keeps couples with a “tingly”sensation both physically and mentally when reunited with each other whetherit be returning from taking out the trash, a long day at work or school and of course when you are in different cities for some time. For us, I can share that when we are apart from the other, the room I am in seems full of shadows even at noon, the air isstale and my breaths seem imcomplete and my sleep is a sense of being alone and I don’t wake up refreshed and immediately know the house was and empty.
    At our age,demonstrative remamtic love shows a hot inner need that can instantly release from hugging or merely sitting in the car and finding that you can intertwine your fingers until the next traffic light. Love is confirmation that you are incomplete with the other being not being within a certain distance. My soul begs for his words, his smell, his idyocyrancies, his quirks and of course the feel of his body next to mine.
    Never let the temptation of letting other people, work or ambitions sweep you into complacentcy. You need to create a sixth sense of incompleteness without the other one nearby. Doing this without being possesive is yoir challange. If you both want “forever”, then do not ever forget forever grows day by day and the first year establishes the pattern for a life full of acceptance, love and recognition and celebration of each others triumphs.

    • Anastasia Kristina June 28, 2016 at 8:12 am #

      Jack and Shawn, what a beautiful message! you all’s love is one we will aspire to :) but I totally agree – the world is much brighter when I’m sharing it with Christopher. I hope you two are well! I miss y’all!

  2. Kimberly Cale June 28, 2016 at 5:50 am #

    Happy Anniversary! I love you and cheering for year two!

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