our vacation to england and scotland!

7 Oct

dear world,

it’s me again! of all of the ridiculous things happening in 2016 (our presidential election, the continuation of police brutality among unarmed black men, the numerous accidental bombings on “good guys” in syria, the refugee crisis, hurricane matthew, global warming, etc) i still need to first post a few photos from christopher and i’s trip to england and scotland from the beginning of september! since chris and i returned from england, we’ve been nonstop, but i have had a desire to share a little about our trip – especially since i’m away from facebook and some of my friends/family have been asking.

we had a layover in iceland and it was the most gorgeous land i’d ever see. img_5772we had the best time learning about and utilizing all of the public transportation – especially in london. i bought a city map and tube map ahead of time, and we were never lost, and before we even left i ordered two oyster cards preloaded with pounds so we’d be good to go!img_5788
on our first full day in london we headed to the churchill war rooms, since christopher is obsessed with him. i entered without expecting much, and then came to realize that this is a very worthwhile museum! even if you aren’t into history or the like. it’s well organized and insightful and a great homage to a great man.img_5798
did my tourist due diligence by stopping by big ben and grabbing a flake :)img_5803img_5817
love how much my husband loves art. literally the best. img_5828one of the views from the sky garden:img_5834img_5839after a couple of days in london, we headed to kings cross station for our train ride to edinburgh! (and to stop for a photo op with platform 9 and 3/4!)img_5851img_5864img_5865i had chris stop for a photo op on our straight up hill journey to our air bnb in beautiful edinburgh!img_5888our airbnb was beautiful and perfect and i want to go back constantly.img_5895dinner overlooking the edinburgh castle with my cutie in the sunshine img_5920
we took a day trip to see some of scotland, and it was money well spent! here are some photos from our rainy trip up to the wallace monument! (which is relevant since christopher’s last name is wallace and they trace their heritage back to the original OG william wallace!)img_5932img_5940
driving through the smoglands was the most magical experience. i wish we could have stopped so i could have taken a proper photo, but here’s an idea of it: rocky, rising hills, and lush greens and streams. so gorgeous! img_5960
after a rainy morning, the sun came out as we walked through a little highland town named dunkeld!img_5985img_5994
also, dunkeld has great ice cream.img_6008img_6009
here is a view from our air bnb :) a view right over the old college!img_6016
a view of the sea from a high point in edinburgh!img_6017
we went to this awesome indian place that served dishes tapas style. our air bnb host recommended it! it was awesome!img_6019img_6024img_6025

then we headed back to london for our stay in brixton! headed to brixton village for a delicious dinner:img_6054img_6059georgia okeefe had an exhibit at the tate modern, which we of course went to! love an american woman’s work shown in another country! img_6060
the view from the tate:img_6061then we headed to the broadway market in the rain, but that didn’t stop the deliciousness:img_6081img_6088img_6090
the next day was our favorite day in britain – notting hill to meet one of my favorite friends, emma!!img_6104img_6108img_6119img_6128img_6137img_6148
(and we even got to meet emma’s wonderful boyfriend, sam! it was such a treat! especially since she wasn’t feeling well, but wandered around all day with us anyway <3 )img_6151
our final day in london we headed to the ritz carlton for a super fancy afternoon tea!!img_6163img_6165img_6167img_6169img_6180
also, a pretty photo from our final sleeping location:img_6197

of course, i took about a thousand photos, but these are some of my favorites. it was an amazing trip which was enlightening and also a wonderful time to reconnect with christopher – especially after his four months away this summer!

i hope everyone is well, and i’ll post more soon, i promise!



2 Responses to “our vacation to england and scotland!”

  1. Kimberly Cale October 7, 2016 at 9:37 pm #

    Your photos are amazing! What a fun trip, I am so excited for you and hope that adventures will always be a part of your lives. I love you always! <3

  2. Emma Vantine October 10, 2016 at 4:27 pm #

    Seems like ages ago that you were here!! When are you coming again! Loved that you came for a visit :D

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