first impressions

13 Jul

hello everyone! i know, radio silence again. i’m about to create two posts: this one sharing some of my first impressions of our new area, and then i will write one about the reality of my brand new life. bottom line, my life is full of change right now – but there is no better place to be experiencing this change.

what great scenery and weather:


cannon beach, oregon – may 25, 2017

this is a picture on the oregon coast (cannon beach)! i’ve never lived out west before so everything is novel and beautiful and so different from the east coast scenery i was surrounded by for the majority of my life. also, i say this while knocking on wood, of the almost two whole months we have been here, the temperature has been above 90 degrees once (and ironically it was when my mother in law visited from texas, bringing the heat with her lol). pretty consistently this summer the high has been mid 70’s and low mid 50’s. so basically, it is perfect. (i mean, then you of course are running the risk of earthquake + the volcano erupting + giant tidal wave lol)

our new home is precious:


the view of our dining room table from the couch

seriously we are so so lucky. we had a friend take a look at this place for us the day it went on the rental market, and trusted his good review, and signed a lease. so lots of trepidation when we showed up to see if on day one. thankfully we are IN LOVE. it is our first stand alone house together and having a deck is so nice. i never thought i’d understand the allure of buying a house, but we are in an incredible neighborhood where i want to own everyone’s home haha.


trivia is hard:


trivia night at the odd otter (our favorite local brewery/bar)

i don’t know if it is because we moved from a very small town with only one bar, but trivia here kicks our butt almost every time we go. we even got the last place prize the first week we played haha. but another great part of tacoma is everyone seems to love being here and chatting with strangers at the bar, we’ve had some great conversations with random people. the night i took this photo, some people were visiting from portland to go to the america’s car museum downtown.

boat travel:


the parliament building in victora, british columbia, canada

when i was googling around to brainstorm ideas for chris and i’s second wedding anniversary trip, i stumbled upon the fact that you can take boats to surrounding islands and locations in the puget sound! we took a three hour boat trip to victoria, british columbia and we already want to return to do a whale watching trip next time.


bike obsession:


craigdarroch castle in victoria, bc – june 16, 2017

chris and i are currently very obsessed with our bikes (probably our best purchases in the last year or so). maybe it is because we live in such close proximity to awesome things (grocery stores, bars, restaurants, museums, libraries, etc) and taking our bikes is just as fast as a car (due to stop lights and signs), and we don’t have to pay for parking, AND it makes our lives a little greener. also it is super fun, especially now while the weather is nice.



tacoma farmer’s market on broadway

this is a pretty obvious statement. but i guess the pacific northwest is known for its incredible berry growing environment – namely stone fruits. i am now cherry obsessed and have been freezing berries to bake with when they go out of season, already haha. tacoma has four or five farmers markets through the week, and i’ve really enjoyed sampling all of the farms’ offerings. also our diet has become about 80% berries. so that’s good?


mountain lakes are other-worldly:


crescent lake in olympic national park – july 3, 2017

i’ve started to enjoy being outside! i don’t know if it was because of west point and grueling summers in the humid woods, or because i have never lived anywhere beautiful enough to warrant just existing in – but now i get hiking. the air is cool and crisp and the hikes are starting to open up in all of the surrounding national parks (i’m the dummy that didn’t realize many are snow ridden way into the summer). but because of all of this snow, the lakes and streams are the most beautiful colors. just amazing.


july 7, 2017

here is chris overlooking some of rainier national park (and also note the snow in july).


july 7, 2017

me at the tolmie fire outlook in rainier national park overlooking mount rainier. that giant, powerful beauty (long term tacoma goal is to do the actual hike to the top of the mountain… way in the future though since i am firmly an amateur).


a sense of community:IMG_9284this probably feels so foreign to us since chris and i lived in a very sparsely populated town in pleasant view, but tacoma is an actual town and is bursting to the seams with pride and events. and also these adorable tiny libraries on almost every block. we also got invited to a block party last weekend! people just seem to love being here, and that is an amazing vibe to be part of.

so, i guess what i am trying to say is that i don’t want to leave. (come visit!!)



One Response to “first impressions”

  1. Kimberly Cale July 13, 2017 at 9:09 pm #

    What a wonderful place for your new adventure! Always love new chapters and I love you!

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