dear 2018,

9 Jan

hi everyone! again, it has been too long (since october, geesh!), and again i want to pledge to write more on this blog. not because i’m not writing enough – full time graduate program and also journaler here – but because i’ve always enjoyed this platform to share my small musings and life. i do know my mom and mommy-in-law appreciate this site (especially due to me not having a facebook), so i will keep at it and share a little more from my life.

thankfully from your perspective, not much has happened since october. it was mostly taken up by holiday travels (the high points of the last three months) and lots and lots of writing for my planning theory and practice course. my final paper (which i am proud of and will share with you if you’re interested) was titled: how racially equitable are outcomes of sustainability planning? it was 27 pages long lol. anyway, today is only the second class of the winter quarter so i have a little more time to squander.

so, for my first post of 2018 i am going to outline my new year’s resolution and 2018 goals (yes, different). last year i didn’t eat meat (except for two times both in december because it seemed appropriate and i was so close to the end of the year haha) and this year:

i’m going to stop popping my pimples. i know that’s disgusting, but it is a habit that i need to kick because i want my face to be clear so i don’t have to wear makeup / i don’t want to damage my skin!

(side note: being surrounded by doctors has really made me lose a bodily-function filter, so, i guess i can blame that too for being gross haha)

so far, so good. and honestly, instead of my nightly face scrutiny/picking, i simply moisturize and go to bed (without looking too closely) – so i’m saving some time too haha

and now for a few extraneous goals (different from resolutions because i will be more kind with myself as i move towards these, instead of my resolution which is an exercise in discipline and habit breaking):

  1. read at least 30 minutes a day. most days i do because of coursework, but even if i don’t have an assignment to read, i need to keep reading. thankfully, i’ve surrounded myself with people smarter/more insightful than me that recommend me books constantly, and because of that i have a long list to work through on top of my assigned readings (and thankfully some incredible libraries nearby).
  2. allow myself time to not tangle myself up in worry about the state of the world. being a social activist warrior can be very very tiring. every discussion becomes a moment to debate/inform and that becomes very tedious and depressing. so, i will make sure to take time to act my age and enjoy the truly lovely things the world also has to offer. not every conversation needs to be a truth-telling moment (unless, of course, it’s something that can’t go without reprimand like sexist/racist/homophobic jokes for instance).
  3. write in my journal at least every two weeks!
  4. foster relationships both in and out of my marriage. chris and i talk about this often and it is great to live somewhere with such a wealth of wonderful people. and of course, as chris moves forward he’s going to become more and more busy with work – so we have to treasure our time together as well, and use it purposefully.
  5. learn to balance living so far away from my family members. most of my family is on the east coast/in texas – so i need to learn how to balance phone calls and facetime calls to not feel so far away all the time. thank you technology!

moody picture of the bay yesterday from my bus stop on the 16 line

we should all be on that constant course of self-improvement!

here’s to 2018!




3 Responses to “dear 2018,”

  1. Kimberly Cale January 9, 2018 at 7:04 pm #

    Happy 2018, what a wonderful year you have ahead of you and I know you’ll do great with your resolutions! I love you!

  2. kitty January 9, 2018 at 7:58 pm #


  3. kitty January 9, 2018 at 7:59 pm #

    also you are literally the best at resolutions of everyone in the world I know so feel good about that as you move forward in life

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