my birthday 2 weeks

21 Jan

so, my winter quarter is in full swing! the classes this quarter are strategic influence and planning for equity. here is an awesome quote from an article from my planning for equity class:

“In a democratic system opposition to a public agency should be just as normal and appro­priate as support.” – Paul Davidoff  “Advocacy and Pluralism in Planning”

i put forward this quote from one of the equity planning masters in the context of this weekend’s women’s march. i think a portion of the population believes that you have to blindly support who is in office out of “respect.” but this quote reminds us that in a democracy, it is our duty to speak up against who/what is wrong. and i was filled with hope and pride in the number of people marching with me this saturday in seattle.

more on that in a moment, but i have two great weekends to cover that were all in celebration of my 28th birthday!!

detroit weekend

my bestest friend in the world now lives in detroit!!  so, i spent a wonderful weekend with her and her husband in the tundra and seeing some of the sights in detroit. it was interesting timing because i was in the middle of reading Redevelopment and Race: Planning a Finer City in Postwar Detroit for one of my classes. there’s so much going on in detroit, just the planners and racism of the past crippled it. but i believe in detroit! (and also i just had such an amazing time with kitty! and the craft cocktails! and beautiful buildings and historic sites, and of course morning coffee drinks with the spencers <3 )

my birthday weekend


my darling friends and family made my 28th birthday incredible (my flat tire couldn’t even derail the weekend!)! i was worried at the start that the birthday wouldn’t be up to my desires due to chris being out of town on a work trip, but i still had an amazing time! on friday (my actual birthday) i came home from work, facetimed with my brother (the best) and then walked over to kels’ house to drink birthday sangria, sing the entire first act of hamilton to her, and paint signs for the women’s march! then we got ready for dinner, took photos, and headed to my favorite restaurant in tacoma (the table). cris brought me flowers (and we got them a seat of honor in the baby seat lol) and we had a great dinner.

then on saturday, we got up, drove to the southern most light rail spot, and took the train into seattle for the women’s march 2.0!! it was awesome. one of my classmates, when we were discussing citizen protests, said that people shouldn’t go to the women’s march – they should actually take action in the community. i understand what she was getting at, but for me, the march serves the purpose to show me and make me see that i am not alone in how i feel. that there is a whole part of the population is with me and also wants to protest for change. i know that the women’s march last year really helped with my feelings after the election – especially last year when i was in the south. just feeling the energy is enough to refill my hope meter as i go forward in my desire to change the world for the better.

is it weird that i don’t even need to itemize and prove the awful things coming out of our president’s mouth? i respect the office of the President, but i don’t respect him. at all. and i don’t have to!

here’s to my 28th year! let’s go!



2 Responses to “my birthday 2 weeks”

  1. kitty January 21, 2018 at 7:34 pm #


  2. Kimberly Cale January 22, 2018 at 6:47 am #

    What a birthday weekend filled with lots of fun and laughter and purpose! So excited for your 28th year! I love you!

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