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we are moving to tacoma (and six months i’ve forgotten)

5 Apr

hello everyone! so my favorite english/american bestie has officially started her blog (after being unable to due to studying for her law exams), and it has reminded me that i haven’t posted anything in six months.

biggest life point: we are moving to tacoma, washington in may! christopher will begin his journey as a doctor at madigan hospital in june. i am so proud of him! and i am SO EXCITED to move to the pacific north west (please see one of my many posts about how i am eager to leave the south). and also in may, i leave the army!

to fast forward through the months i have missed i will post just two photos from each month:


nov 1

the first important point of november 2016 was that i proudly cast my vote for hillary clinton is this solid red state of tennessee. i cast that vote as a very disillusioned american. to be honest, i also haven’t written much because i have felt so many intense emotions (mostly negative) about the election and i didn’t want to announce them here. needless to say: i am not happy. but i have been buoyed by the women’s march and the activists fighting for what is just and kind and i have began a journey towards helping our country in the small way i think i can handle. but more on that soon.
nov 2chris and i took our yearly photos for our new years card at my family’s home in virginia. it was beautiful and dad has some awesome photo ideas haha.


dec 1
daddy drove over to tennessee for a quick weekend to help me buy a new car! my jetta was affected by the vw diesel scandal – but my buy back gave me a hefty down payment on my new car. also, we spent christmas in houston with the wallaces, which was also great!
dec 2
for new years, our friends kristen, lisa, and becca came to stay with us for a couple of days of fun to ring in 2017! here is a photo of lisa and i before we went downtown. in exciting news, lisa is my brother’s girlfriend! (!!!) it’s awesome because she is a strong, independent woman who is also a veterinarian and also a super cool person and awesome and was became part of our lives because her and chris were friends in BOLC! and then my brother found out she liked the pixies too and the rest was history lol. talk about excellent small world situations.


jan 1
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS POST. last may, i bought chris and i tickets to see hamilton in new york city for my birthday in january. when i say “it was the most amazing experience of my life, i cried almost the whole time, and it even managed to exceeded my incredibly high expectations,” i mean it very honestly. we love new york city, and hamilton, and snow, and singing songs while walking down the streets. experiencing the musical in its whole form (not just audio like on the cast recording) was a magical situation. wow. i get chills just thinking about it.

jan 2
my baby brother came home!! he spent four-ish months in the middle east doing great things for his brigade and his country. i’m so proud of the high praise he received – but i am even more proud of him for being accepted to the army’s lawyer program! he will be beginning law school at UNC in the fall!! i am surrounded by geniuses!


feb 1
my favorite framily is pictured here via a hastily taken selfie at a four way intersection in atlanta. we all went to see christopher’s favorite band, AFI, and had a great time! i love spending time with these people – so much joy! my heart is already crying for all of our moves. we will live 2,907 apart – i just did the google search. :(

feb 2i was invited to interview at seattle pacific university for their clinical psychology phd program! it was my first time in seattle, and my first time interviewing for an academic program. i ended up being accepted (!), and although i rejected the offer, i absolutely loved the experience and faculty and THE CITY. the mountains and water and love and equality were palpable in all ways. i can’t wait to spend much more time in seattle (which is about 30 miles north of where we are moving).


mar 1
KITTY AND GREG GOT MARRIED IN CANCUN! chris and i took a mini vacation to spend a long weekend with some of our favorite people in the world. we had limitless drinks and food and sunshine. and also, kitty is my pff and i will follow her around the world forever and ever <3

mar 2
CADAVER BALL 2017!!! oh my goodness, world, chris is graduating medical school next month. i’ve loved all four (!) of the cadaver balls i have attended with chris as his girlfriend, then fiance, then wife – but this one was the most magical. i will miss these friends we have in nashville, but they are all going to soar to great medical/life heights.

and as for me, i have accepted my offer to attend the university of washington for their community planning masters program. one our way home from our christmas break in houston, i tried to imagine the perfect degree program for me. i wanted something that would teach me how to help the people of our country at the lowest level – at the community level – how to make their lives better and more healthy and for them to rise to great heights. so that one day i can work in local government, and then hopefully move my way up. and in an amazing turn of events, i found the program that would show me how to do that! and it was in the town we are moving to!

because if i have learned one thing this political season, it is that i am no longer going to sit by and let things happen. i want to help change this country to be more kind. i want to make people’s lives better. i want to advocate for all people, and for the equality of all.

“i am no longer accepting the things i can’t change. i am changing the things i can’t accept.” -angela y. davis



something worth writing about: hamilton

18 May

dear everyone,

HI! i have been sharing my newest obsession/love with everyone i come into contact with. even my soldiers/boss; which is a hard sell since the military isn’t the biggest consumer of broadway musicals around. but i try. and i try because i do think they will love this one, i think everyone will love this one.

that being: HAMILTON.

i’d heard about this groundbreaking musical on NPR months and months ago, then again when the cast went to the white house, and then on one of my friend’s instagram’s photos, and then on the news for how many tony’s it/it’s book/original score/actors/actresses/set/costumes it was nominated for (16!!!). at this point i wasn’t sure why i hadn’t listened to it yet. maybe i was too dedicated to the news cycle on NPR to switch my nearly hour and a half commute every day to this incredible musical. well, one day i decided i was too frustrated with the news to listen anymore. i searched hamilton on spotify, and the whole show was there. and since that day i haven’t listened to anything else. honestly. it’s been about two weeks now, and i’m not sure when i’m going to stop.

hamilton is a very aptly named musical. it is about alexander hamilton and his impact on our great country and his unlikely tale. unfortunatley, before i heard this musical i wasn’t a big proponent of this founding father. due to my history classes, the only thing i remembered about him was that he died in a duel. which i thought was reckless and careless. but little did i know what an influential man alexander hamilton was on our country (or even why he was in that duel). and now i’m in love with him.

a man named lin-manuel miranda created this beautiful world, wrote the musical and music after reading a biography of hamilton one day. of course he stars as hamilton in his own musical (um, swag). and what makes this musical so unique is that it turns the pre-concieved notion of a musical on it’s head. i think most people’s mental model of a musical is something like the phantom of the opera (which i also love), but for some people that isn’t an accessible type of music for the masses. it’s kind of stuffy. BUT HAMILTON, on the contrary, is a musical for america as it is now. it relies on hip hop and R&B, and of course has some of the more traditional chorus styles and beautiful harmonies you’d more expect from a musical. i read somewhere that miranda wanted to show the revolution and rebellion that were inherent in the birth of our nation in today’s terms. that, to him, meant the energy of hip hop and a very racially diverse cast – to mirror our nation today. it is a work of art.

my husband and i now speak in hamilton quotes to one and other and have dropped way too much money on already sold-out shows (thanks stub hub) to see the musical in nyc in january. yes, it was a lot of money, and in a long time, but everyone is trying to see it, and we have to see it, because we know seeing it live will be one of the best experiences of our lives. but thankfully, the music is very accessible (and free) either on youtube or spotify or whatever your music streaming service of choice is.

bottom line: go listen to hamilton. it will probably change your life, and make you want to live your life with more purpose and action. i know i do :)

“i’m not throwing away my shot!”