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we drove across the country!

24 May

hello, readers!

i am happy to report that i am writing this from our new little home in tacoma, washington! we made the journey (and had our internet installed today), so i wanted to share a photo from each day of our cross-country road trip. i have a lot more to say about many things, but this will have to suffice for now.

wednesday 17 may:
we left pleasant view, tennessee at 0430 in the morning. we planned about a 12 hour driving day (our longest by far) so we left early – but since i was so excited to get started, i didn’t sleep much to begin with haha. below is a picture from a little town called dakota dunes, south dakota where we stopped for the night – i took this photo on a run!


thursday may 18:
on day 2 we drove to rapid city, south dakota. we spent that whole day delighting in south dakota! i’ve never driven across the state east to west, but the landscape is ever changing and beautiful. although we also checked out mount rushmore, nestled in the black hills, here is a crazy photo from the bad lands national park! (also, that hat did fly off of my head once, and i had to chase it down before it was swallowed into the landscape)


friday may 19:
we drove to bozeman, montana on this day. we started off, though, driving to deadwood so chris could see the town that was the basis of the deadwood hbo show he loves. it snowed!!! it was snowing in may deep in the black hills and it was wild to me (especially since we didn’t get any snow in tennessee this winter). anyway, montana is breathtaking. i had never been there before, so i pulled off on many exits just to take a photo of the scenery. like below:


saturday may 20:
after a super fun night out in bozeman (seriously!), we woke up early to first drive to yellowstone before we continued our journey. this was a great decision. we drove around yellowstone national park for about five hours gazing on the rugged terrain and prairies, and seeing SO MANY BISON! i loved it. i would have pet them if i wasn’t so scared/or if the park rangers weren’t right there telling people not to haha. after we went to yellowstone, we drove back up into the mountains to whitefish, mt.


sunday may 21:
whitefish was amazing and i already miss it. it is a little ski town north of the beautiful flathead lake and we are obsessed. with the scenery, the people, the restaurants and breweries and the vibe in general. our first night there we went to dinner and the waiter asked us how we were doing – and, i kid you not, he answered for us with “of course you’re great, because you’re here!” and i agreed with him! anyway. on sunday we woke up and drove to glacier national park! below is a photo of chris playing in the crystal clear water. we also went on a hike up to avalanche lake, and thankfully i didn’t have to use my bear spray (the thought of even using it terrified me – bears are scary!).


monday may 22:
monday was the last leg of our journey!! we drove through the rest of montana, and then through eastern washington – which has a very high prairie feeling. below is a photo of this incredible overlook which shows the arid quality of east washington – but also the elevation.


we made it!! over the length of the drive, my car gained over 3,000 miles (we took my car through the extra expeditions off of the route, since i left room in the passenger seat for a second person haha) and we drove through ten states!! 1/5 of america in one go! my main take away is that america really is america the beautiful. we didn’t go for more than four hours without the landscape changing completely. i entered this trip with a lot of trepidation and anxiety, but it ended up being so much fun. i’m super glad chris planned in an extra night in whitefish, so we could have a little break. because believe it or not, i got sore from driving?? my shoulders and neck and back needed a break from being seated and alert all day.

needless to say, we now live in the pacific north west in an adorable old home we are renting. step one of huge-life-change complete!
IMG_8686(we went to lowes and immediately bought some deck chairs lol)


headed north: moving on with my life

15 Nov

listening to: the “no ghost” album by the acorn

as of today, i have uprooted myself from my previous home for the past four months – augusta, georgia – and have travelled north with my momma to the great state of north carolina. i have emptied the contents of my car into my new home. tomorrow my furniture is coming, and slowly, slowly, my house (with my lovely roomies) will begin the slow process of becoming our new home.

today i also have been dethroned of my title of “class leader” i have held for the past four months. following our graduation, i reacted to a text on my phone with the familiar foreboding accompanying every message, but then i breathed a sigh of relief. it was only my boss telling me i had done a good job. and even if it wasn’t, my duties of class leader were officially over. i deleted all of the “business” texts from my phone and finally was able to separate myself from my leader book. in the hallways of our class building, i was hugged my good friend fred goodbye. the army generally frowns on any type of bodily contact, and one of our bosses walked by and eyed us, i said “sir, i’m never going to see him again!” our boss scoffed, smiled knowingly, and walked away.

i’ll miss that place. and i’ll miss all of the friends i have made. but with that, there are things i also will not miss  – of course.

my new house is the home my parents built when i was seven years old. i lived in it until i was ten, and now i return twelve years later. it was surreal driving down our street and down the driveway, everything seemed so small. granted, i have grown into my adult body, and i understand that everything is still the same size – but i have so many memories that suddenly do not seem as grand. nicholas and i used to roller blade on the railroad ties that border the culdesac – and now the ties are worn and barely there, remnants of the glory they used to be. the great green fir trees that border our property have grown and are walls from the neighbors. but these giant trees seem to hug our adorable brick house like something in a fairy tale. i am ready to make this house our home.

in a display of wanting to embrace my future: i changed the “home” destination on my gps to my new brick house in north carolina – replacing my parent’s home in pennsylvania.


here is to the next chapter of my life!
(after, of course, i spend a week in pennsylvania with my mommy for thanksgiving … baby steps!)